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Is Your Kid Gifted? These Are Some Signs That Will Show You They Are

By Victor Trammell

Every parent knows that their child has a special ability, which may or may not take some time to find and become great at.

According to a recent article published in Reader’s Digest Magazine, early childhood education experts at the The National Association for Gifted Children have estimated that around three million American children or more are gifted geniuses who are cognitively operating just above or far beyond their normal academic grade level.

Eboni Hollier, MD, a board certified in developmental and behavioral pediatrics told Reader’s Digest that early on, children start exhibiting traits, which are indicative of them being exceptional thinkers and learners.

“Many parents of gifted children note that they often master developmental milestones at an earlier age than expected,” Dr. Hollier said in her exclusive interview with Reader’s Digest. “In particular, language skills may be significantly above age level,” she continued.

Another expert on parenting named Dr. Niranjan Reddy says that highly astute children pay attention to details in certain visual learning modules close enough to start mapping out objects and other elements in order to determine what will come next. Dr. Reddy is a practicing clinical psychologist.

“Gifted children notice everything, from which bus passes the house after breakfast time to how many bricks can fit inside the toy trunk. They are very good at observing and remembering key information,” Dr. Reddy told Reader’s Digest.

Children who are intellectually elite also tend to not give up easily. They are strong-willed and keep trying even after they’ve failed at something.

“Gifted children typically have an amazing sense of focus. When given a task, they tend to work on it without distractions until completion,” says Sunny Verma, the founder, and CEO of TutorBright, an online learning enhancement resource for school-aged children.

You can find out about more ways to determine the traits of gifted children by visiting the link to the research source listed for this article below.

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