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Teacher Suspended After Killing a 6-Year-Old By Gluing Her Mouth Shut

By: Krystle Crossman

A 6-year-old in China is dead after her teacher served up a harsh punishment. Guo Jintong was a happy and energetic child. She was also a very talkative child. Unfortunately, Guo had a teacher that didn’t know how to properly deal with her chatty manner and it ended up ending her life. The teacher stated that she didn’t like the way that the child was playing with the other students and that she was “talking back”. She decided to handle the child in a manner that one wouldn’t think would necessarily end up in death, but that is what happened. After deciding that she wanted to punish the child the teacher took glue and glued the girl’s lips shut.

Guo’s parents were not told about the incident until after their daughter had already been declared dead. No ambulance had been called until the child had started twitching. She was slowly suffocating but help was called too late. The ambulance was dispatched at 10:19 am and by 11 am, Guo was pronounced dead. A candlelight vigil was held that night to honor her and make the situation known to the public. Guo’s father printed out photos of the little girl along with a few post-mortem photos and put them up at the vigil to really drive home what had happened. Although it may seem like the post-mortem shots were in poor taste, her parents wanted to show the severity of the issue. Hundreds of people gathered to remember the little girl and comforted her parents.

Guo’s father is the creator and owner of a very popular news site named Weibo. He took to the site to express his dismay and anger at the school system for what had happened. They are fighting to try and find out what really happened that day and they said that even though the police say they are investigating the incident there is not enough being done. The teacher has been suspended from the school but it is not clear what her fate will be from this point on. Guo’s parents want to make sure that the story is shared all over the world as a reminder that everyone needs to be vigilant about who they are leaving their children with during the day.


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