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25 Percent Of Black Kids In Chicago Are At A School Rated “failing”

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Chicago Tribune

The major U.S. city of Chicago, Illinois gives all people in America an accurate example of what is the root cause of violence, economic destruction, and other forms of depravity that are affecting the nation’s black youths.

On Monday (July 10th). the Chicago Sun-Times offered a report, which was based on the recently published study findings of an education advocacy group called New Schools for Chicago. This organization is led by Executive Director Daniel Anello. The New Schools for Chicago study found some very sobering facts about education inequality.

A report based on the study is titled Who Is Sitting In Those Seats? Schools Matter: The Students Most Affected By Chicago’s Lowest Performing Schools. This report  was made available to the public on Monday as well. According to the New Schools for Chicago report, race plays a key factor in the education inequalities of the city’s school system.

Approximately 25 percent of all the black students who are enrolled in Chicago’s public schools are attending institutions that have been given substandard ratings by the state. “There’s still a lot of kids not getting the education they deserve,” Anello said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.

“What was alarming to me was just the ratios. The one in four, to me, is troublesome as an African-American male.” he continued.

A portion of the New Schools for Chicago report on race-based education inequality and school funding reads as follows:

“For districts like Chicago, where the majority of CPS students come from low income households, schools are neither equitably nor adequately funded. The regressive state funding formula exacerbates painful challenges for poor students. These challenges continue to grow when the current administration is forced to spend time undoing years of fiscal inefficiency in a fight for solvency.” 

A researcher for the Chicago Teacher’s Union named Sarah Rothschild  tried to refute the findings of the New Schools for Chicago study and play down race as a factor. According to the Sun-Times, Rothschild blamed other factors as it pertains to the issue of school failure.

“The schools that made New Schools for Chicago’s hit list have been plagued by nearly 20 years of corporate education reform attacks. [They] are located in communities that have been devastated by unemployment, disinvestment, disenfranchisement and still haven’t recovered from the 2008 housing crisis,” she reportedly stated.

Rothschild’s statements do little to answer the following question: Why is the state of Illinois’ regressive education funding system continuing to allow predominantly black school districts to function without receiving the same level of resources afforded to public school systems in suburban, predominantly white districts?

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