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Most Black Parents Say White Kids Are Increasingly Getting More Funding, Better Schools

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The CW Channel 33, Dallas, TX

Equality’s worst enemies are not necessarily the perpetrators and collaborators who engineer institutionalized inequality. The most grave adversaries of equality are those who mass distribute the narrative that inequality does not exist.

When it comes to the human necessity of education, many U.S. states are very tolerant of their widespread funding inequalities. These monetary imbalances exist between predominantly white suburban public school districts and predominantly minority public school districts in urban areas within the borders of states inside every region.

In recent history, two well-coordinated organizations that are squarely focused on advocating for social justice conducted a poll, which was given to hundreds of black and Hispanic parents. All of these minority parents had children enrolled in the public school systems of two major U.S. cities.

The Leadership Conference Education Fund and the Anzalone Liszt Grove Research Firm are the entities that gave the poll, which produced data that contributed to a joint study. The report on the study findings was published by Education Week Magazine and is titled New Education Majority: Attitudes and Aspirations of Parents and Families of Color.

Wade Henderson, the President and CEO of the Leadership Conference Education Fund wrote a fervent introductory statement, which served as a perfect prelude to the factual documentation contained throughout the study. A portion of Henderson’s introduction to the study findings reads as follows:

“By nearly every measure, students of color attend schools that are substantially deficient compared to the schools their white, higher-income peers attend. As a result, too many are falling behind with very little chance of making up ground in a system that is woefully unfair. Despite these facts, education policy conversations fail to take seriously the impact that inequities in our system have on children of color.” 

Bria Nicole Stone, a writer and journalist for the National Newspaper Publishers Association wrote a very recent report about this fact-based study, which was published this past Monday (July 10th) in the Amsterdam News, a weekly black-owned and operated newspaper based in New York City.

“The [LCEF and ALGR] poll revealed that 90 percent of Black parents and families believe schools in Black communities are underfunded compared to White communities,” Stone wrote in her report.

“The poll also showed that almost 75 percent of Black parents and families believe that the education Black students receive is worse than what White students,” she continued.

To read the study findings and data related to this poll in their entirety, visit the second research source link listed below this article. For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling,

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