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At 8 Years Old, Quinelius Jones Is Making A Name For Himself As Skilled Barber

By Victor Trammell

One of the absolute best things a parent can do for their child is setting the example of a skilled person using their talent or trade for business development.

American society drives home the adage that “kids should just be kids.” Children are not expected to do much but eat, play, go to school, be entertained, and do what they are told. However, a myriad of cases has proven that like adults, children have the ability to accomplish the unthinkable by combining determination, brain power, and hard work.

Quinelius Jones (pictured left) is an eight-year-old boy from Memphis, Tennessee who exemplifies this reality all too well. Jones’ father, Quintin Patrick, is a certified barber who cuts hair at the Dasol Barbershop off Mount Moriah Road in Memphis. Jones (who goes by Scooby) has been closely watching his father cut hair since he was four years old.

Patrick has been cutting hair for 20 years. When his son was just a six-year-old, Patrick developed enough confidence in him to allow some first-time, hands-on experience. “That’s when I was really like trusting him. Okay, let me put these clippers in your hand and see what you can really do,” Patrick told 97.1 FM The River, a Memphis radio station.

“By the time he gets to 12, he is going to be at the level I’m at now,” he continued.

Patrick has posted numerous videos of his son cutting hair like a professional. These videos have been viewed millions of times. They attracted so much attention that last month, a producer for the Steve Harvey Show called Patrick and asked if his son could be featured on the popular television program.

“I’m going to do a good job on the Steve Harvey show and make my city proud,” Jones told 97.1 FM The River.

Jones is set to make his big-time television debut on August 31st.

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