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These Homeschooled Brothers Are Now Entrepreneurs And Members Of The White House Press Corps

By Victor Trammell

Homeschooling is often looked at by most parents as an endeavor that “is not for everybody.” Some people even look at homeschooling as something that puts children at a disadvantage.

However, when it comes to conventionally educating black children who live in urban areas, the real disadvantage lies with depending on the ineffectiveness of a broken public school system that has failed them for ages. A black Chicago, Illinios-bred family that now lives in Prince George’s County Maryland has successfully defied all these odds.

Michael DuBose Sr. and his wife Demetria DuBose are the proud parents of three very successful adult children in their 20s. Michael DuBose Jr. (pictured right), Kadesh Dubose (pictured left), and Berachah DuBose are the owners of KmBd Studios, a professional audio/visual production, and photography company.

Michael Sr. and Demetria’s children started KmBd Studios when they were still in their teens. This multi-media company has a laundry list of some big-time moves that it has made. Television and film productions from KmBd Studios have found their way to major networks.

It is also worth noting that Michael Sr. and Demetria homeschooled all of their children. This is what laid the foundation for their multifaceted family business and a phenomenal recipe for success.

“Our children, Michael Jr., Kadesh, and Berachah, are young business owners of KmBd Studios. These entrepreneurs, all in their 20s, are a testament to the notion that homeschool works,” Michael Sr. wrote in an email to

“Because of the dedication and dare-to-be-different attitude of a loving mother and father, our homeschool family is drenched in success stories that the world deserves to hear,” he also wrote.

A Marquee and Historic Family Accomplishment

Michael Jr. and his brother Kadesh also have another absolutely outstanding accomplishment under their belts. In 2015, Michael Jr. received his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Liberty University. Kadesh is scheduled to receive his bachelor’s degree in his brother’s same field of study later this year.

Not only are these brothers educated, they are the youngest black members of the White House Press Corps. They have even taken photographs of Barack and Michelle Obama and had dinner with the former President and First Lady while they were still in the White House.

Michael Jr. and Kadesh told the Liberty University News Service that while still in high school, they first crossed paths with the former president when he was visiting a grocery store in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Washington D.C. not far from where they lived.

“It was a God thing. The rest is history after that,” Michael Jr. told the Liberty University News Service.

Kadesh told the Liberty University News Service about his remarkable experiences in the White House alongside his older brother. “It’s surreal. You’re respected for your work and get to document things in real time. Even if it’s a bad day, you’re still working at the White House,” Kadesh said in his exclusive interview.

To read more about this amazing homeschool family, visit the link to the research source for this article listed below.

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