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This Amazing 10-Year-Old Boy is Already an Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, and Public Speaker

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: KSDK-TV | St. Louis

Most of the people who are the biggest and best at their craft have one thing in common: They got started when they were young.

In the case of Michael “Mikey” Wren (pictured), a millionaire in the making is getting started on his path toward greatness far younger than most. According to a recent report from KSDK-TV Channel 5, a NBC-affiliated local news source based in St. Louis, Missouri, the 10-year-old Wren is further along toward living his dream than most adults are.

The brilliant elementary school student is already setting the world on fire as a business owner, motivational speaker, and as a best-selling author of a neat children’s book called Mikey Learns About Business. Any child at Wren’s age who is doing so phenomenally definitely has the right adult influences in their household as they are being raised.

Wren’s vision was gainfully supported by his step-father James Biggs and Arriel Bivens-Biggs, his biological mother. One of the first business ideas Wren came up with a vending machine supply company. However, it was a process of hard work, as well as trial and error, which helped make “Mikey’s Munchies” become a reality.

“For [Mikey], to first come to us with the idea that he wanted a vending machine, I was like, ‘uh okay we will see where this go.’ He is interested in one thing, then the next week it’s something else,'” James Biggs said in an exclusive interview with KSDK-TV Channel 5.

However, little Mr. Wren remained focused, came up with his business plan, and started a lemonade stand to come up with the capital he needed to launch his snack vending business. Around $1,200 dollars in lemonade sales later, Wren came up with the monies to start his company.

“I started going through the process with him and he came back with everything I told him to do and he had an understanding of it…He even made his own flyers. He typed up his business plan,” Arriel Bivens-Biggs told KSDK-TV. Wren’s mother said that her son even sacrificed having a Christmas so that he could achieve his goal.

“He was okay with not getting anything for Christmas, so we gave him the rest of the money for Christmas,” she said.

Wren is also a motivational speaker who inspires other children, as well as adults to strive beyond mediocrity. Visit the following highlighted links below to support Wren’s different business ventures.

Buy Wren’s book Mikey Learns About Business here.

Contact the main corporate sponsor of Mikey’s Munchies here.

Book Mikey Wren for a speaking engagement here.

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