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Some Schools Now Impose Fines on Students Who Show Up Late

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Fox 13 | Salt Lake City, Utah

Schools in unified public districts across the nation are implementing controversial disciplinary policies, which appear to be driven by what many parents call financial greed.

In Stansbury Park, Utah, a local high school has formulated a new attendance policy that imposes fines on students who show up to their classes late. According to KSTU-TV Channel 13, a Fox News-affiliated media source based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Stansbury High School’s principal says her new policy is not about making money.

“Our goal is not to get money. It would be great if I didn’t get any money. We just want kids in class,” Gailynn Warr (pictured center) told KSTU-TV 13 in her exclusive interview. Warr is the principal of Stansbury High School in Stansbury Park, Utah. Her new policy went into force on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

The first time students are late to school or to their classes, they are given a warning. The second time, they are given a fine of $3.00. For the third time students are late, they are slapped with a fine of $5.00. Teachers cannot impose the fines on students, however. Only the school administrators can do so.

“What we’re really trying to target is those periods between classes where really it’s a choice. It’s a personal decision of whether you’re going to walk from class A to class B and be on time,” Cody Reutzel (pictured far left) told KSTU-TV 13 in his exclusive interview. Reutzel is Stansbury High School’s assistant principal.

Though the school’s top two administrators have defended the new policy, parents of students at Stansbury High have expressed their displeasure with these rules. “I think it’s opening up a Pandora’s Box. That’s not going to fix the problem that they’re facing,” Julie Rae told KSTU-TV 13.

Rae is a mother who has a son attending Stansbury High School. Another parent named Brett Dennison spoke with KSTU-TV as well and said he thinks the new policy is not fair. “I think the school board implemented this as part of a way to generate income, make a money grab out of the thing,” Dennison told KSTU-TV.

Due to the rising amount of cash-strapped state education bureaus in America, financially-motivated disciplinary policies are popping up in public schools everywhere. Fortunately, parents have options other than public school when it comes to educating their children.

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