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Kimora Hudson is Going to College at Age 13

By Victor Trammell

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The average 13-year-old usually spends their summer off after seventh-grade and starts getting themselves ready for eighth-grade once back-to-school time rolls around.

However, a black teen girl from Atlanta, Georgia has made history by surpassing the last grade of middle school and high school altogether. According to various Georgia-based media outlets, Kimora Hudson (pictured),13, was just accepted into the University of West Georgia and has already started her first year in college!

This remarkably bright young lady is currently the youngest person enrolled at the University of West Georgia for the 2017 fall semester. Fawn Hudson, Kimora’s mother, told the University of West Georgia’s news service that her daughter was destined to do great things at a very early age.

“When she was a baby, this was always the vision. Even when she was a few months old, her doctor was saying she is a little advanced,” Fawn Hudson said in an interview with the University of West Georgia’s news service. At four-years-old, Hudson got her daughter into a special human growth and development program.

This program Hudson got her daughter involved in encourages children to push toward achieving their dreams at an early age instead of waiting later on in life to pursue them. By the time Kimora reached the fourth-grade, she made it a personal goal to get her college degree before earning a high school diploma.

“All throughout my life my mom was always making sure I was prepared for everything. My parents know what I need, and they always strive for me to do my best,” Kimora told the University of West Georgia’s news service. Science and medicine are the two of the things that Kimora is the most interested in.

“I love science and I know I want to go into the medical field. I really like psychology and neurology, or anything dealing with the brain. Last year I took a class called the Psychology of Memory and it was really interesting. Since my mom works with psychology, I have been exposed to it and I really like it,” she also told her school’s news service.

Congratulations to Kimora Hudson for being a shining example of academic excellence for black children in the 21st century!

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