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Kidpreneur, Fashion Designer Makes Big Splash During New York Fashion Week

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Yvonne Jewnell Designs

Previously at, a kidpreneur and aspiring clothier named Kheris Rogers (pictured) was profiled for a clothing brand she created called Flexin’ In My Complexion.

Kheris (now 11-years-old) started her clothing brand after being inspired by her older sister named Taylor. One day, Kheris was feeling down about being bullied at school over her dark skin complexion. But her big sister cheered her up by dressing her up in some stylish clothes and getting her involved in a children’s fashion show.

Taylor took pictures of her lovely younger sister at the fashion show and the photos became a viral sensation immediately. This led Kheris to realize the potential of her natural knack for style. It also led her to embrace the beauty of having an increased amount of melanin in her skin. Darker skin is not a curse. It is a blessing.

Kheris is only a pre-teen, yet she already has a flourishing business, a beautiful website, which is used to sell her different kinds of attire, and a fledgling brand that keeps on getting bigger. Her success story is so inspirational because it is rooted in adversity, which has caused other young people to take their own lives.

Kheris did not do that. She rose above the people who chastised her and achieved something that all of them may never accomplish. Achieving beyond anyone’s imagination is the best form of revenge. Earlier this week, Kheris blazed another major accomplishment and made some new history in the process.

According to Vibe Magazine, Kheris turned heads during New York Fashion Week by presenting her hip and creative clothing line. “I just made history as  youngest fashion designer EVER! I am only 11-years-old and made it while encouraging people to love their skin,” Kheris wrote on Twitter Monday (September 11).

Her Flexin’ In My Complexion brand was showcased Sunday (September 10) at the Museum of the City of New York in East Harlem. This event was produced by a major, black woman-owned fashion design company called Yvonne Jewnell New York, LLC, an entity, which is a part of the Harlem Business Alliance.

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