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This Third-Grade Pair of Fraternal Twins Owns Their Own Bottled Water Brand

By Victor Trammell

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Anyone who tells a child that adults are the only ones who can start their own brand and be entrepreneurs is shamefully mistaken. At any given time, you can find inspiring stories about so-called “kidpreneurs” who are changing the world with their groundbreaking inventions and business ideas.

This past spring, profiled the amazing story of a pair of adorable fraternal twins named Brazil and Princeton Dowe (pictured). Brazil is the girl twin and Princeton is the boy twin. Brazil and Princeton’s mother’s name is Alina Dowe and she played a very vital role in helping the pair of third-graders launch their own bottled H2O brand called Water2Kids. This bottled water company is a division of the DoweTwins Enterprises business collective.

The Dowe Family lives in the historic Bronx borough of New York City, New York. In addition to owning a thriving brand of bottled water, which is selling well, the Dowe Family is also involved in the publishing industry. Alina Dowe and her twin children are the authors of a book series titled The Dowe Twins: Siblings Fight (He and She Series). Brazil and Princeton Dowe came up with the idea to start their bottled water brand when they were only seven-years-old.

In an interview with WPIX-TV Channel 11, a CW-affiliated local news station based in the Bronx, the Dowe twins talked about what inspired them to put their plan about a company into action. They wanted to come up with a healthy drinking alternative for children instead of carbonated sodas loaded with sugar and other unhealthy things to drink. “Kids don’t drink a lot of water because they don’t see it in the store, just for them,” Brazil told WPIX-TV.

Today, Water2Kids bottled H2O is available at 17 different stores and deli shops in the Bronx metropolitan area. If you would like to place an order, you can find the company contact info is listed below:

Telephone: (718) 879-2717

Email: [email protected]

You can buy a volume of the Dowe Family’s children’s book series here at

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