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15-Year-Old Makes History After Her Books Become Included in School Curriculum

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: YWCA |

Essynce Moore (pictured) has already achieved some really remarkable things in her young life.

When she was just 13, Essynce was profiled here at for winning Black Enterprise Magazine’s coveted Teenpreneur of the Year Award for her innovative contributions as a budding fashion designer. Her company, Essynce Couture L.L.C has been around since 2013.


However, being an aspiring businesswoman and fashionista is not all Essynce has been up to since winning her amazing accolade. Now 15, Essynce is involved in public speaking, organizing workshops for youths, and mentoring to other young people to show them that they can achieve all their dreams.

Essynce also owns her own boutique in New Jersey. However, she has made history in the fields of book publishing and education on the strength of another one of her many talents. According to a recent article published by, Essynce is the author of three books, which have all been designated as textbooks for students in several public school districts.

All of the books that Essynce wrote are a part of a three-volume series titled The Middle School Chronicles. These books are a part of the curriculum consistent within the Hillside, New Jersey School District; the Brooklyn, New York Charter Schools, and the Orange, New Jersey School District.

The first book Essynce wrote was called The 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles. This book went on to become an Amazon Top International Seller. Seventh and eighth-grade volumes of the book series also had successful releases. The books were published between 2015 and 2017.

The books can be used to prepare students for middle school, assist with self-esteem, bullying, how to handle certain situations with teachers/friends, encourage youth to live their dreams now, and so much more,” reads the report about Essynce on

You can reach out to Essynce or learn more about her incredible life by visiting the following social media links:


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