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This D.C. Prep School for Boys of Color is Shattering Typical Black Male Stereotypes

By Victor Trammell

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An all-minority, all-boy college preparatory school located in the nation’s capital is helping young, underprivileged black and Latino men overcome obstacles in a society that does not expect much of them or provide much for them.

Ron Brown College Prep High School is located in the northeastern area of Washington D.C., which borders the state of Maryland. This institution was founded in 2015 and was part of a $20 million-dollar investment championed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and former D.C. public school district Chancellor Kaya Henderson.

These two highly influential black women were very much in favor of developing a major education initiative that primarily focused on helping underprivileged young men of color in order to save them from the unrelenting grip of the prison-industrial complex. Drugs, guns, and gangs have always plagued D.C.’s urban neighborhoods.

Like any other major U.S. city with a large urban population, black and brown boys can get easily caught up in the deceptive lure that the romanticized, yet treacherous street life has to offer. In an exclusive interview with National Public Radio (NPR) last year, Henderson talked about the sad academic story that was unfolding among minority boys.

She told NPR that Hispanic and black boys scored the lowest on standardized tests and also had the lowest graduation rates of any other demographic group enrolled in D.C.’s public schools. Benjamin Williams (pictured center), Ron Brown College Prep High School’s principal, spoke recently about his institution’s formula for success.

“We want our young men to have a space where they can actually respect each other and provide positive feedback to each other and receive praise from their peers, receive praise from adults, to get used to actually giving and receiving that, which is far too few and far between for young men of their age,” Williams told

You can read more about the amazing story that is developing at Ron Brown College Prep High School in Washington D.C. by visiting the second link to the research sources for this article given below.

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