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This Young Black Woman Owns Kidz Cab, an Uber-Style Transportation Service for Children

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Akeem Casey Photography LLC

The children of parents who have to work for a living deserve the ability to participate in extra curricular activities outside of school hours. Transportation should not be an issue that prevents this and a young, black female visionary from Detroit, Michigan also agrees.

The very best entrepreneurs are the ones who see a problem within their environment and utilize their business savvy to solve that problem. Aireal Taylor (pictured) is the Detroit-bred business brain, heart, and soul behind a company called Kidz Cab, an Uber-like transportation utility, which only services children aged 4-16 years of age. All of the children who use the Kidz Cab service are transported to and from school and their productive functions outside of school.

When she started her Kidz Cab business, Taylor realized that parents who don’t have their own transportation had some obvious obstacles with making sure their children got to and from their education-related activities on time. She also realized that there were obstacles for parents who had their own transportation. Many of these parents work odd hours and do not always have the time available to transport their children to different functions.

Taylor’s youth transportation business is a well-oiled machine that values safety, integrity, affordability, and efficiency. “Safety is definitely our number one priority at my company, highly vetting our employees is first and foremost. Our employees undergo a federal background check, identity verification, random drug and alcohol screening and more,” Taylor said in an exclusive interview with Shoppe Black.

“We also use a fleet technology that tracks all of our vehicles in real-time, it also sends destination alerts to parents and tracks the drivers driving and vehicle idle time on location,” she continued.

Taylor founded Kidz Cab in August of 2015. After being in operation for a little over two years, Taylor has definitely executed a workable plan from the outset that was realistic, which has gotten her to where she is today. “Knowing that I’ve created something that I can continue to expand on that will not only help individuals but will also be something that I can leave to my family is most gratifying,” Taylor also told Shoppe Black.

Visit here for more information about this amazing business for children and parents.

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