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Study: School-to-Prison Pipeline is Expanding in MO; Black, Disabled Kids Suffer the Most

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Brett Levin | Flickr Creative Commons

The Missouri division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has been keeping a close eye on the state’s public education system and how it deals with minority and disadvantaged children.

In 2015, Missouri got a number one ranking in a very unflattering contest between U.S. states competing to see which one of their school systems could suspend the most black elementary school children. This fact was published in a 2015 study by researchers at UCLA and the Center for Civil Rights Remedies.

Moreover, the ACLU released a study in very recent history earlier this month, which continued to analyze how the state of Missouri treats minority and disadvantaged children who are products of its public school system. This study is titled Missouri’s Pipeline of Injustice: From School to Prison.

The ACLU’s October 12th study report relied on data that was extracted from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Missouri School Resource Officers Association and Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting.

The key findings of the ACLU’s new study came as no surprise, considering the fact that Missouri had already been exposed in 2015 as the leading state that uses its public education system to disproportionately oppress minority and disadvantaged children.

“Missouri can trace its troubled history with racism to the Antebellum era, when it was contentiously admitted to the Union as a slave state in the 1820 Missouri Compromise. We need to examine the evidence of bias in
Missouri schools within this broader historical context,” the ACLU study authors wrote.

The study revealed that there are still huge out-of-school suspension disparities between black and white students. Not only that, black and disabled students of color in other U.S-based minority groups are being suspended from school at overwhelmingly higher rates than disabled white students.

For more sobering facts about the reality of Missouri’s oppression of minority and disadvantaged school children, visit the links to the research sources listed below this news article.

For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling, visit:

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One thought on “Study: School-to-Prison Pipeline is Expanding in MO; Black, Disabled Kids Suffer the Most

  1. Mr. Bernard James

    I saw your ad for Homeschooling and I feel that, need to have our Black Homeschooling system in the black urban area of the United States of America. The Public School where not meat to be a school for the average black student in the intercity, to the America Racism on the blacks from Slavery to the present. Only a few of the black student may make it through of up’s and down’s of learning. only the white child will have their school to teach their own students but when come to integration does not work with them only if you are willing to get along to get along.

    You must have to learn to have your own school: A good example is that the Black Muslin wanted a school to teach our people the real history of who you are and new the real truth of the White world and how that you do not belong in their world. You must build your own community and Schools and business. One thing we go to their schools and learn their education only to have work for them only as a first class slavey to them and not knowing that with all the education and skills. What are you going to do with the learning? I hope that you can use the best of the learning skill to make a business for your self and community. Also with the right education and must of all Qualification to help build the industry and must of all farming and is the best education one needs to feed a community and land too. From the land you find all that is need to be feel from want. Nature and God will help in the bring fourth self development bring us out from propriety. We did it in the past ” Black Wall Street”.


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