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This 14 Year Old is Already a Seasoned Investor

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: YouTube screenshot

A young man and his mother from the Chicago, Illinois area have proven that it is never too early for parents to teach their children about the importance of investing.

Damon Williams (pictured), 14, has gone viral over his amazing story, which deals with rising above mediocrity and claiming economic prosperity instead of inferiority and poverty. In an exclusive interview with renowned television journalist Joie Chen, Williams credited his mother April Williams with teaching him about the stock market.

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As a result of applying the knowledge his mother taught him, Williams has amassed an investment portfolio already worth tens of thousands of dollars. “What are you worth?” Chen asked Williams in his interview. “I’m worth about a shade above $50,000,” Williams replied.

In addition to being well on his way to growing up to become a millionaire investor, Williams is also a teen model, an exemplary student, actor, and the starting point guard on his school basketball team. He is not even a senior yet, but he plays on the varsity squad at his high school.

Chen seemed to be in awe of Williams and asked the young phenom where he learned all the tricks of the investment trade. Williams was taught the principles of wealth management at a young age by his mother during the 1990s. She was at a particularly volatile point in her life during that time and was dealing with a lot of debt.

“I taught [Damon] to be excited about being an owner – to own a piece of Walgreens, to own a piece of the company that made that Happy Meal for him that he was always begging for…or of course to own a piece of Nike for all those gym shoes he has to have,” Williams’ mother April told Chen.

You can listen to more of Williams’ interview here.

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