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Teacher Pulls Off Student’s Hijab To Play With Her “pretty hair”

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: WSMV News

A teacher in Nashville, Tennessee has been suspended after a Snapchat video surfaced, which shows the teacher pulling of the hijab of a young female Muslim student.

According to, the website of a local, NBC-affiliated news source in the Nashville area, a teacher at the New Vision Academy Charter School has been temporarily relieved of their duties for pulling off a student’s hijab, a special headscarf worn by women and girls who practice the Islamic faith.

The entire incident was recorded in a classroom inside the New Vision Academy Charter School. The video was then posted on Snapchat with the caption “pretty hair.” However, a concerned viewer of the video did not find grace or humor in the recording and reported the incident to WSMV Channel 4.

The viewer told the local news source that the girl seemed perturbed on camera as she was being told that her hair was too beautiful to be revealed by her hijab. The teacher who pulled off the girl’s hijab insisted that the act was not done out of disrespect for the girl’s religion.

However, that defense did not stop the teacher from being suspended without pay. A woman named Kasar Abdulla agrees with the punishment. Abdulla teaches Muslim diversity and sensitivity classes for local school districts. “As a female, and as a mother of three daughters, it should never be okay to rip off an article of clothing off of a female, period,” she told WSMV.

Dr. Tim Malone, the school’s principal, released a statement this week describing the action taken by school administrators. The statement partially reads as follows:

“The actions depicted in the Snapchat video do not reflect the values, culture or climate of New Vision Academy. New Vision Academy will continue to emphasize that all staff members act in a way meant to empower and inspire our students. New Vision will use this video as an opportunity to press forward with increasing cultural sensitivity and awareness among all members of the New Vision community. The staff member in question has been suspended, without pay, and we have had direct discussions with the students depicted in the Snapchat. New Vision Academy apologizes for this unfortunate incident, and will be better in the future.”

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