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Teacher Went From Homeless To Published Author

By Victor Trammell

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The spirit of a black woman who embodies what phenomenal means is a force to be reckoned with. Case in point: A teacher from Columbus, Georgia went from being homeless to becoming bestselling a author.

Dawnell Jacobs (pictured right) is a teacher for a local Georgia school district and the author of The Shade of Devotion, her highest selling novel on Amazon, Kindle, and in a number of bookstores. Jacobs published her book under her own imprint called Heal the Heart Publishing, LLC.

Jacobs has also released four other novels she has written under her publishing company. All of her books reflect the difficulties she has endured in her own personal life experiences. At one point in her life, she dealt with homelessness. Jacobs also has three younger siblings that she had to gain custody of from foster care.

When she was 17-years-old, Jacobs’ mother lost custody of her three younger siblings due to struggles with severe mental illness. At the time, none of her siblings were anywhere near legal age. Even though Jacobs was a struggling young woman in her late teens, she vowed to one day be the primary care taker of her younger siblings.

She eventually achieved her goal and when Jacobs finally got custody of her younger siblings, she pursued and obtained a Masters of Arts in Language Arts from Columbus State University. Jacobs started her publishing company in 2012 after withdrawing from her doctoral studies.

“The best advice I have ever been given as a writer is to write about my personal experiences,” Jacobs said in a statement on her company’s website.

“So, when another writer came to me and told me to ‘write about what I know’– I took it to heart. And, that is when I wrote my first suspense novel– a novel about a woman trying to save a young boy from an abusive family,'” Jacobs also said in her statement.

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