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Here Are 4 Books About Kidpreneurship Every Child Should Read

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Forbes Magazine | New York Public Library

Frederick Douglass, the great American abolitionist once famously said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

In today’s modern capitalist American society, the best way to build strong children is to educate them early about the importance of financial literacy. It is also vital to teach them about how significant business ownership and investing are to establishing true financial freedom.

Teaching children about money in this fashion is critical because the aforementioned monetary concepts are not taught to them properly in traditional school environments. Providing financial education to your children is not about indoctrinating them with an obsession with money.

It is about preparing them preeminently for a rapidly evolving world they will be dealing with in adulthood. The world that adults deal with in American society is highly reliant on the expertise of finance professionals. Learning the fundamentals about the financial markets, money, and how it actually works is a key to survival.

The term “kidpreneurship” describes the endeavor of children starting their own legitimate businesses, which is not some far-fetched idea. publishes stories all the time about children across the country as young as nine-years-old who have successfully started their own companies.

Reading is essential to educating children. Literacy among the youth is often encouraged by exemplary children’s books that have been published over the years. Last year, Forbes Magazine published an article written by Kate Harrison, which offered a report about four prominent books on kidpreneurship.

A title, author, and link to buy each book is listed below.

1. Better Than a Lemonade: Small Business Ideas for Kids by Daryl Bernstein (link to purchase book HERE).

2. Entrepreneurship: Create Your Own Business with 25 Projects by Alex Kahan (link to purchase book HERE).

3. Black Business: African American Entrepreneurs and Their Amazing Success! by Carole Marsh (link to purchase book HERE).

4. A Smart Girl’s Guide – Money: How to Make It, Save It, and Spend It by Nancy Holyoke (link to purchase book HERE).

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