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Youngest Bitcoin Expert, Millionaire Is A 26-Year-Old Black Man

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Fitz Hall/Twitter

Cryptocurrencies have become a major talking point in the world of today’s financial news.

One of the leading cryptocurrencies is called Bitcoin, which was first issued about eight years ago. Cryptocurrencies are unique in the sense that unlike federally-administered fiat currencies, they do not rely upon a centralized banking system or institution.

Recently, Bitcoin earned a value that spiked past $10,000 dollars per share. Investors have been flooding toward cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin increased in its value. This financial craze has made people into millionaires literally overnight. One of them is a serial entrepreneur and social influencer named Fitz Hall (pictured).

Hall, 26, is the youngest millionaire Bitcoin investor in America. He recently did an interview with Rolling Out Magazine where he talked about his humble beginnings and journey toward becoming a successful entrepreneur. Hall is the oldest of three children who were raised by a single mother.

At an early age, Hall wanted to succeed in life and shield his family from poverty. “[My mother] never made more than $12/hour. This made me go out on my own to find ways to make money outside of getting a job because legally I was too young. I was the guy selling candy and chips in middle school,” Hall said in his interview.

Hall even wrote a book called The Bitcoin Breakdown in which he talks about the ins and outs of investing in cryptocurrency.

“A friend of a friend told me about Bitcoin back in 2013. It was about $50 [per share] at the time. I sort of forgot about it, then I started noticing the price increasing and I ran into a guy who was making a nice profit through buying and selling Bitcoin,” Hall told Rolling Out Magazine.

“I researched a lot but didn’t have the motivation at the time to push through and find a breakthrough,” he continued.

One of Hall’s biggest goals is to teach children of color in urban communities learn more about finances and investing in the 21st century.

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