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Principal At Bronx School Banned Black History Lessons

By Victor Trammell

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Black History Month, by no means, is an insult to the culture and societal contributions of any other ethnic group whose members live inside the borders of the United States of America.

In fact, when Dr. Carter G Woodson developed Black History Month in the early 20th century, he did so with a duty to care for all other cultures as well. How? Because black inventors, such as Garrett A. Morgan created innovative necessities like the stop light to improve automotive traffic safety for all people.

Here’s a different example. Otis Boykin, another black inventor, developed and gained a patent for the vital control unit of the cardiac pacemaker. This groundbreaking innovation has saved the lives of all Americans who have dealt with heart problems. The list of black American inventors goes on and on and consists of amazing women as well.

In 1969, Mary V. Brown gained a patent for the first home security system that featured television surveilance. This invention has helped keep families of all races in America safe in the many years since Brown developed it. Additionally, in the early 20th century, Alice Parker created an improvement to gas furnances for central heating in homes.

So why on Earth would a white female principal at a school in New York City’s Bronx borough want to ban Black History Month lessons this month for students? The New York Daily News reported recently that Patricia Catania (pictured), the principal of the Bronx’s Intermediate School 224 is being accused of doing exactly that.

Parents of minority students at 224 have leveled all sorts of other calamitous allegations against Catania. She is accused of creating an overwhelmingly hostile environment for black teachers and staff members and there is currently an investigation of her being conducted by the Department of Education.

White administrators and teachers like Catania are exactly why black parents must take full control of their children’s education and exhaust other options. No people in the history of the world who have overcome oppression have relied on their enemies to educate their children.

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One thought on “Principal At Bronx School Banned Black History Lessons

  1. Marquita Bloodworth

    I am not surprised by this at all. These so called women, are the creators and breeders often and women who uphold the degenerate system of white supremacy. They are the enemy. Period.


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