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Study: Most Stress In Children Is Actually Caused By School

By Victor Trammell

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A children’s charity organization recently conducted a survey, which polled a number of adolescent-aged youths in England and asked them what their main sources of stress were.

The Barnardo’s Children’s Charity commissioned YouGov to analyze what was causing middle and high school-aged minors the most emotional wear and tear. The organization’s researchers also wanted to conceptualize solutions to solve the higher stress levels in the 12 to 16-year-olds that were surveyed.

A report based on the Barnardo study was also published recently by the Times Educational Supplement, a weekly magazine, which caters to school teachers. One of the main factors that caused stress for the young study respondents was something that played a dominant factor in how they occupied most of their time: School.

“Twelve-to-16-year-olds reported that school is their main cause of stress (65 percent), followed by thoughts about their future (42 percent), problems at home (31 percent), their weight (26 percent) and offline bullying (25 percent). By the age of 16, stress at school is a worry for 83 per cent of children in England and 80 per cent are worrying about their future,” wrote Will Hazel, a columnist for the Times Educational Supplement.

Javed Khan, the Executive Director of Barnardo’s Children’s Charity gave a statement offering his opinion about solutions to the problem of children being stressed out due to school. Khan’s statement partially reads as follows:

“It is deeply concerning that so many children in England are growing up feeling sad and anxious, and these feelings are intensified as they get older. Although these can be normal emotions experienced while growing up, children need support to deal with the pressures of everyday life. We need to create a culture where everyone has a greater understanding of what keeps children mentally well and when professional help is needed.” (

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