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10-Year-Old “Little Miss Flint” Helps 800 Low-Income Kids See ‘Black Panther’

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Twitter

Everybody needs a hero. Especially the children in the forgotten predominantly black town of Flint, Michigan, which has been ravaged by a water crisis that has made life very hard for them.

However, the biblical story of Samuel shows that children are never too young to start doing the righteous and courageous work that it takes to save lives and make them better one step at a time. Ten-year-old Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny (pictured) is a prime example of such a child who is doing this kind of amazing work.

Mari is nationally known as “Little Miss Flint.” Mari earned the name she coined herself by being a young social activist who brought major attention to her city in order to put a face on the way children were being adversely affected by the water crisis in Flint. The moment when she finally met former President Barack Obama made her a viral sensation.

At just eight-years-old, the adorable little freedom fighter wrote a letter to Obama, which deeply compelled him to visit the city and do what he could to see how his federal government could do a better job of helping her people. In 2018, Mari’s mission of changing lives for the better is still on schedule.

Little Miss Flint and her family have embarked on a campaign to send many underprivileged children from Flint to the movies for free to see ‘Black Panther.’ Mari and her family used the money they raised on GoFundMe to send 800 children to the Rave Cinema in Flint Township during a number of screenings that were hosted.

“Kids need to see themselves as superheroes. Black kids are seen as victims — and we’re not,” Mari said in an exclusive interview with the Washington Post. You go, Mari! Keep being the change you want to see as you engage in your valiant cause for social justice!

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