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FL Teacher To Students: Don’t Date N!ggaz, “they are not worth it”

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Action News Jax

A middle school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida has been reprimanded for racist insults, which he hurled at black boys in the classroom.

According to an investigative report by Action News Jax (a local media outlet affiliated with CBS and Fox), David Swinyar, a teacher at Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville used the n-word while conversing with students in the classroom.

In addition to using the racial epithet, Swinyar said, “You should not be dating all these different African American boys because they are not worth it.” It is unclear why Swinyar was even talking to students below the age of 16 about dating. Teachers should be focused on instructing students on the subject they are paid to teach. Nothing more, nothing less.

Further investigation into this matter revealed that Swinyar has a big problem with his mouth. This past October, school officials were made aware that Swinyar was calling students “idiots” in the classroom when he was reprimanding them, which is also highly uncalled for.

The principal of Kernan Middle School alerted the Office of Equity and Inclusion/Professional Standards after this latest incident when a parent contacted the school to complain about Swinyar’s racist and diabolical behavior in front of students. Then the Duval County public school board subsequently took action.

On Tuesday evening (March 6), the board approved a 10-day suspension for Swinyar. He will serve out his suspension without pay. Cole Heath, an anchor with Action News Jax sent out a tweet Tuesday evening confirming the Duval County public school board’s decision shortly after it was finalized.

Teachers like Swinyar are everywhere. They exist in every public school district in each and every municipality across America. Fortunately, public schooling in an institutionally racist system is not the only option black parents have when it comes to educating their children.

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