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TN Teenpreneur Launches Black Butterfly Beautiful Subscription Box

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: A. Lever Studio

A teenpreneur from the southern city of Memphis, Tennessee is using her life experiences to run her own business, which was formed to uplift, and inspire, educate.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Journi Prewitt (pictured) is the founder of Black Butterfly Beautiful, a monthly subscription box specially designed for black girls aged 5 to 19. Here’s how Prewitt’s business works.

“Boxes are sent monthly and curated based on subscriber age, gender and the month’s theme featuring a book, at least one product from a black-owned business and other items to help address underrepresentation, uncover black history, and provide inspiration,” reads a message on Black Butterfly Beautiful’s “About Us” page on its website.

Prewitt, 17, was inspired to start her business at the age of 16 when she noticed that black children and teens were vastly underrepresented in contemporary literature written specifically for youths. Like any great businessperson, Prewitt observed a distinct need in her immediate environment and designed a service to meet that need.

In June of 2017, Black Butterfly Beautiful was born. “I wanted to make something to inspire little girls because I didn’t have anything like this growing up. I was picked on for being dark-skinned and for having natural hair. If I had something like this growing up, I would have been more self-aware,” Prewitt told the Chicago Tribune.

Shauntay Hampton-Prewitt, Prewitt’s mother, has been a catalyst for the important value of service she personifies. “My mom instilled in me to create change, no matter what avenue. As a teenager, it’s an amazing thing having a business that impacts people’s lives,” she also said in her interview.

Prewitt also has big plans for the future. “When I go to college, I want to start a new piece for college students called ‘Butterfly Destination’ that will have things college students need, like coupon books for food and groceries. I also want to start a nonbinary children’s box and call it the ‘Firefly Box.’ It will center around children who do not identify with the gender they were given at birth,” she added.

If you would like to subscribe to Black Butterfly Beautiful or just want a one-time reliance on the service, place your order here.

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