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This NY Area Honor Student Is Taking A Stand Against Racial Injustice

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Go Nakamura/New York Daily News

It’s quite shameful in America that after so many years and a number of historic legislative breakthroughs in the fight for racial equality, racism still exists in the 21st century as an institutional function that is still very much intact.

After the Civil Rights Era of American history came to an end, black leaders who publicly proclaimed themselves as gatekeepers in the fight against racial injustice started becoming more mainstream in their approach. Many black scholars of American history have even claimed that no real leadership in this fight exists today.

However, a star graduate of the elite Stuyvesant High School in New York City is taking the necessary fight for racial equality into her own hands. Venus Nnadi (pictured) is a decorated Stuyvesant senior and honor student who will be walking across the stage with flying colors this June.

Nnadi, 17, is one of only six black students in her 2018 graduating class. She has also been accepted into all 18 of the colleges she applied for admission at, as well as all of the nation’s so-called Ivy League universities. Nnadi is an American-born girl with two working-class parents who immigrated to the United States from Nigeria.

Now that high school is a thing of the past for Nnadi, her eyes are now focused on her collegiate career and pursuing her passion of fighting against systematic oppression in America that is based on race and class.

“It’s a big shame because blacks have been put at a disadvantage throughout history. There are so many talented black youths and they’re being denied the opportunity,” Nnadi said in an exclusive interview with the New York Daily News.

Nnadi is not sure which college or university she will attend yet but she is sure that she wants to become a lawyer who takes on civil rights cases. She wants to represent clients who don’t have the financial ability to fight against the high-powered American legal system that is loaded with inequalities based on race and class.

Read more on Venus Nnadi’s amazing story and mission by visiting the research source link given for this article below.

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