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TX School Forces Students To List “Positive Aspects” Of Being A Slave During Slavery

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Roberto Livar

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade of the 1600s and America’s barbaric imposition of the trade’s so-called “peculiar institution” will be eternally condemned by all lovers of equality.

Even after early American slavery was outlawed, the heirs of the dark era’s biggest pro-slavery profiteers have lived on to enforce racial oppression and uphold white supremacy as a national governing principle. It’s quite disturbing to know that policies are sanitizing or eradicating accurate teachings about slavery in the public school textbooks of U.S. children.

Moreover, in former pro-slavery Confederate states such as Texas, lesson plans for U.S. history classes force students to name off the “positive aspects” of American slavery. The eighth-grade students at San Antonio’s Great Hearts Monte Vista charter school were also required to name off the obvious negative aspects as well, but that fact is null and void.

In this particular case, the more lucid fact lies within the grim reality that in 2018, more than 500 years after the first slave ship arrived at America’s Atlantic Coast, mainstream institutions are still either romanticizing or etching out the savagery of slavery, which should be universally condemned. The systemic dehumanization of any ethnic group is indefensible.

Roberto Livar, a student in the class that was assigned the despicable history lesson, said he was disgusted by the ordeal and told his parents about it. Livar also took a cell phone picture of his paper and posted it on social media. Then, Aaron Kindel, superintendent of the Great Hearts, Texas public school district issued a statement to save face.

“To be clear, there is no debate about slavery. It is immoral and a crime against humanity,” Kindel said via Facebook in a public statement. The unnamed teacher has been placed on leave as Kindel and the public school board investigates “the facts,” according to news reports.

How long will American black parents continue to rely on a system that was never designed to protect them or their children?

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