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First Black Female Student President Sues Over Racist Attacks

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Associated Press

Racial tensions are running high at one of the national capital’s colleges after the school’s first black female student body president became a victim of incendiary attacks on social media.

According to CNN News, Taylor Dumpson (pictured) has filed a federal lawsuit against a neo-Nazi publication after the student governor endured racially-charged online attacks. These despicable acts were committed after Dumpson called for action against an on-campus racist who was committing other mischief.

This whole scenario started when an unidentified male was hanging bananas from nooses at various locations around American University’s campus in Washington D.C. These incidents began occurring last year in the month of May and they created a firestorm of backlash, which made national headlines.

According her attorney, the social media-based attacks against Dumpson were powered by Andrew Anglin, the publisher of a racist newspaper called the Daily Stormer. Dumpson’s lawsuit claims that she was stalked, harassed, and castigated by complete strangers who hurled racist remarks via her Facebook inbox.

Anglin opened the floodgates for the racially-motivated onslaught against Dumpson by posting a link with her picture, which also contained channels to her social media accounts. Now the student leader is experiencing a great deal of fear and is highly concerned about her personal safety, according to her legal counsel.

In addition to The Daily Stormer, Anglin himself is also a target in Dumpson’s lawsuit. Her attorneys also claim that their client has been diagnosed with PTSD as a result of the agonizing racial hatred she has endured simply for standing up against racist animals who were degrading the student experience at the college.

“I know this is disappointing. I recognize the anger and grief that many experienced because of this traumatic event and understand that this is not the outcome we hoped form. We must create our own path to healing as a community,” read a public statement issued by American University President Sylvia M. Burwell.

The litigation in this case is ongoing.

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