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These Black Girls Didn’t Let Racist Hackers Stop Them From Winning NASA Contest

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: WTTG-TV Fox 5

Inspired by the true story chronicled in the groundbreaking film Hidden Figures, three teenage black girls from Washington D.C. endured 21st century racism while still achieving a milestone in this year’s annual high school competition sponsored by NASA.

India Skinner (pictured left), Mikayla Sharrieff (pictured center), and Bria Snell (pictured right) are three high school juniors who attend The District’s Banneker High School. The bright young trio recently entered into this year’s NASA science competition by doing a project, which was designed to eliminate lead from the water pumped out of school drinking fountains. They ended up advancing in the contest to become finalists.

However, evil hackers hurling their racist insults and slurs put their jealousy on full display in an attempt to sabotage the dedication, hard work, and success that was rightfully earned by Skinner, Sharieff, and Snell. The savage saboteurs used an anonymous web forum called 4chan to discourage people from casting their votes for the three black girls so that they would not advance to the final round.

They even disguised their disgusting appeal to bigotry by using a fake Donald Trump news link that people would click only to find a racist message demeaning the three girls. The hackers imploded with anger in their words and accused black online voters of selecting the girls to advance strictly because of their race. They also promoted a trio of white boys who they wanted to advance in the NASA competition.

But just like the three black women who pioneered NASA in the film Hidden Figures, Skinner, Sharieff, and Snell rallied on. NASA even caught wind of the racially-motivated sabotage that was going on and shut down the voting process until the matter was resolved. In the end, the three girls emerged victorious and refused to talk in interviews about the racist meddling that could have derailed their victory.

“Hidden Figures in the making,” one of the young ladies wrote in a celebratory post on social media.

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