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Deadly School Shooting In Santa Fe, Texas; Suspect Identified

By Victor Trammell

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In yet another terrifying incident of violence, a school shooting occurred on the morning of May 18, 2018 at  Santa Fe High School in Galveston County, Texas.

According to a number of national and international news sources, a crazed gunman stormed an art class wearing a T-shirt with the words “Born to Kill” written on it. The assailant then shouted “Surprise!” and opened fire using a shotgun. Zach Muehe, a student at Santa Fe High School used his Twitter account to describe what he saw unfold.

“Someone walked into my class today with a shot gun. I heard 2-3 shots, and sh-t started flying at me. “I can’t begin to explain the thoughts that we’re going through my head. I watched some girl shot dead right in front of me,” Muehe wrote in his Twitter post.

According to information Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset disclosed in an afternoon press conference, 10 people died in the ambush, including two teachers. Students bore the brunt of the casualties. In addition to that, 10 more people were physically injured, including a law enforcement officer.

The accused mass murderer has been identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, a former member of the Sante Fe High School football team. Pagourtzis, 17, has been described by surviving students as a shady and socially awkward character who dressed in trench coats, much like the assailants who committed the Columbine High School massacre of 1999.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott  said additional weapons and explosives were found in the school and in an area close by the school, per a report from the New York Post. According to a law enforcement official in neighboring Harris County, Texas, a second “possible person of interest” was detained and questioned, said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

Pagourtzis is being held without bail on multiple charges of capital murder, said Sheriff Trochesset. Just three months earlier, another deadly shooting rampage took the lives of far too many innocent youths in Parkland, Florida at Stoneman Douglas High School.

The wholesale slaughter of America’s children right inside their educational environments is prompting a growing number of parents to take their children out of traditional schools and with good reason. No parent should ever have to worry about their child being massacred for simply attending school.

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