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Homeschool Mom: Incompetent Schools Make Homeschool the Best Choice

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Maranie R. Staab/PublicSource

PublicSource is an independent news media outlet, which is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

During the second week of May 2018, published a special report for one of the publication’s segment titled “Let’s Talk About Race.” The in-depth, Mother’s Day-themed report was an essay written by a homeschooling mother named Muffy Mendoza, the founder of

In addition to homeschooling her three sons in the city of Pittsburgh, Mendoza also works as a public speaker and is a community ambassador. She has observed the public school system in her residential region and is not particularly satisfied with the way the establishment educates and interacts with black children.

This is not just the case when it comes to the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area in the state of Pennsylvania. Mendoza’s laments are felt by black parents who live in urban cities located within each and ever state across America. For this reason, a growing number of black parents are taking their children’s education into their own hands.

“I didn’t homeschool my three Black sons because I wanted to do it. I decided to do it because I was afraid. I was very afraid,” Mendoza wrote in her essay.

“Like so many other Black moms, I found myself in a perilous situation. I found myself in between the rock of constant calls from the teachers and the thought that my kid might need an IEP (individualized education plan), and the uncomfortable place where you know the adults making the decisions may not have your child’s best interest in mind,” she continued.

However, Mendoza felt what many other people of color feel who have children enrolled in America’s whitewashed public school system. The problem is not black children who can’t adapt to a systemic education process that never had them in mind when it was developed.

The problem, in essence, is a biased, culturally disconnected, and politically decimated public school system that is a sociological disaster for black children. Mendoza understood this and joined the national movement of homeschooling black parents who feel that society’s ultimate goal is to streamline black children for failure.

“For Black children in the American education system, learning is not self-expressive or expressive at all. It is a series of hoops, trials and tests that they pass or fail. If they pass, they are given their do-ploma to be able to go on to the next step of doing, not creating or determining,” Mendoza also wrote.

You can read Mendoza’s entire essay by visiting the link to the research source given for this article below. For more information and a step by step guide on how to transition your children and family to homeschooling, visit:







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