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REPORT: Black Kids Have Suffered After Chicago’s 2013 School Closures

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: The Chicago Reporter/Twitter

Too many times over the last two decades, the nation’s collective media consortium has unfortunately had to broadcast tragic reports about repeated massacres in schools across America.

From the deadly Parkland, Florida mass school shooting this past February to the Santa Fe High School shotgun massacre in Texas on May 18, the harrowing media reports about these calamities reflect a very sinister trend that has been in plain sight inside many of America’s predominantly white suburban school districts for many years.

However, in a sense, America’s mass media consortium tries to leave out the more ominous realities about what is the root cause of the violence that has been unleashed on suburbia’s schools by a predominantly young, white, male, and mentally disturbed cross section of our nation’s demographic.

However, in the predominantly black school districts of urban America, a different type of war is being waged on school children. In contrast to the coverage of white suburbia’s gun-related education-based nightmares, the urban education-based nightmare being experienced by black children does not get the same level of national media coverage.

In fact, many public advocates of the public and private education establishment will tell you that the perilous situations being uncovered in America’s predominantly black public school districts does not exist. Nonetheless, a newly published report produced by scholars at the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research proves otherwise.

The study conducted by the University of Chicago professional research team is quite telling and exposes how the city’s black children have been adversely affected by the 2013 mass school closing tidal wave that has ravaged Chicago’s black neighborhoods in the five years since it occurred.

Roughly 85% of the students in Chicago’s public school district are black and Latino. Additionally 87% of the minority students in this district come from low-income households. Chicago Public Schools is the fourth-largest federally recognized school district in America.

“The largest negative impact of school closures was on the test scores of students from closed schools; their scores were lower than expected the year of the announcement. Similar to what other studies on school closures have found, student test scores in this case were lower than predicted given students’ prior performance,” the study authors wrote.

To find out more about how Chicago’s minority public school students have been systematically marked for preeminent societal failure, visit the research source given for this article below. There are many causes for concern, especially if you are a black parent with a child attending a failing or ill-functioning public school district.

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