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University Of Chicago Drastically Lowers Standards For Admission

By Victor Trammell

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One of the most prestigious higher education institutions located in one of the major U.S. cities in the Midwest has lowered the bar for admission.

According to Inside Higher Ed Magazine, the University of Chicago made an announcement on Thursday (June 14) that it will no longer require prospective undergraduate students to disclose their SAT and ACT scores during the admissions process, which is a customary practice by colleges and universities.

SAT and ACT scores matter because they help higher education admissions counselors gauge the readiness of each individual student. A common adage used by social figures who have an anti-intellectual philosophy is “college is not for everyone.” However, the SAT and ACT exams are a great way to determine who college is actually for.

Though there are trade jobs that pay six-figure salaries that don’t require a formal education, there are still plenty of well-paying professions that do require practitioners in the field to have a formal education degree of some sort, such as engineers, physicians, accountants, and attorneys.

The University of Chicago has now joined the myriad of higher education institutions in the U.S. that have cheapened the standard of selecting the most academically fit students for admittance. Some of the nation’s most prominent liberal arts colleges and universities are already doing the very same thing as the University of Chicago.

Proponents of this new move, such as a scholar named Don Hossler, believe that scrapping the submission of SAT and ACT scores during the admissions process levels the playing field. Hossler is a senior coordinator for the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice at the Rossier School of Education of the University of Southern California.

“It will absolutely influence other small and large elite institutions as well as less selective publics and privates. It will have a ripple effect across all sectors,” Hossler said, according to Inside Higher Ed Magazine.

Critics of doing away with the submission of SAT and ACT scores during the college and university admissions process believe it is another nail in the coffin of America’s falling position of education quality on the world stage. Nations such as Japan have continued to produce some of the world’s most educated youth.

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One thought on “University Of Chicago Drastically Lowers Standards For Admission

  1. Carlton M Brown

    I don’t support doing away with SAT & ACT from the admission process. What really needs to be done is the a much greater investment in preparing our young scholars, especially in low income


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