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Another School Is Renamed To Shed Image Of Racist Past

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Getty Images

As 2018 continues to press on, more cases involving public schools across America being renamed are emerging left and right.

This is because many of the public schools in the former Confederate colonies of the United States are named in the honor of former pro-slavery figures who ruled the Southern states prior to America’s first Civil War. Here at, we have covered a case of this sort, which evolved in Massachusetts.

In May of 2018, a school in that state was in the process of being renamed inside the city of Brookline. According to CBS, Brookline’s public K-8 institution formerly named Edward Devotion School was rebranded as Coolidge Corner School. This was a move, which was finalized by Brookline’s city government.

Edward Devotion was wealthy, white land magnate who owned slaves of African descent in Massachusetts during the 18th century. Deborah Brown, a Brookline resident who proposed the original municipal plan said, according to CBS that “no child should have to walk into a school named for someone who enslaved people.”

More recently, in June of 2018, a public school in the U.S. state of Virginia, in the city of Richmond, originally named J.E.B Stuart Elementary School, was renamed in honor of President Barack Obama. According to a local CNN-affiliated media outlet in Virginia, the Richmond Public School Board finalized this decision with a six-to-one vote.

J.E.B Stuart was a former Confederate general. Presently, the Richmond public elementary that used to be named his honor has a student population that is 95 percent black. That is an ironic reality that is no longer true due to the actions of Richmond’s parents, community activists, and public education officials.

This move is definitely a cultural victory for the black children of Richmond, Virginia.

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