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American Library Association Endorses ‘Drag Queen Storytime’ In Public Schools

By Victor Trammell

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A controversial craze is sweeping across public schools in major cities all across the United States and Canada.

According to a recent report published by Life Site News, the American Library Association is fully endorsing and coordinating a national reading program for primary school children called “Drag Queen Storytime.”

The object of this program is to use public school libraries as a forum for children to learn more about homosexuality, transgenderism, and all other elements if the LGBTQ lifestyle and agenda.

In places like New York City, “Drag Queen Storytime” has already been introduced to libraries during programs such as “Kids Story Hour.” Supporters of this agenda argue that this reading program encourages children to learn more about the drag queen lifestyle and inspire them to be more open to expressing their own sexuality. However, those who are against this program have a whole host of grievances against it.

Amelia Hamilton, a known children’s book author, told Acculturated that exposing children to  hyper-politicized issues is dicey territory to travel into. “As the author of two patriotic children’s books, I can attest to the fact that the left is highly suspicious of exposing children to anything that could potentially be considered conservative,” Hamilton said, according to Life Site News.

“The hate mail I received for educational books about America’s founding proved that liberals were extremely uncomfortable with patriotism, which they see as political,” she continued.

“What sort of outcry would there be if there were a children’s event promoting American exceptionalism or traditional values? An event with books about gun rights or the value of life in the womb? No, that would never do,” Hamilton added.

The educational environment around children in public schools should never be hijacked for the purpose of peddling any hyper-political agenda (endorsed by the left or right ideology) that is not fully accepted by all parents and educators. The main things children need to be learning in public school are the curriculum supplements, which will prepare them for success on standardized tests administered by the department of education in their states of residency.

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