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Racists Call Cops On Black Kid’s Hot Dog Stand But He Gets The Last Laugh

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: CNN News

A despicable new trend has simultaneously emerged in 2018 during the middle of Donald Trump’s first term as POTUS: White people calling the police on black people for doing things that do not at all warrant an arrest.

The abhorrent and downright racist craze was popularized this past spring when a black family in Oakland, California was enjoying a BBQ in the park when a white woman known as “Susan” infringed on the family’s rights by wrongfully harassing and calling the police on them for innocently firing up the grill on a beautiful sunny day. The woman cited that she felt “threatened” by the black couple due to their “disobedience of park rules.”

The whole incident was captured on a cell phone video, which was being recorded by another much more civic-minded white woman named Michelle Snider. A park map did show that charcoal grills were being used by the black family in a restricted area. However, park rangers at Lake Merritt ended up writing a minor warning citation and allowed the black family to continue on with their peaceful cookout without incident.

The whole situation spawned a viral hashtag called #CookingWhileBlack and pictures of “Susan the Police Caller” bothering black people in all kinds of festive situations broke the internet. However, an even more reprehensible incident of this kind affected a 13-year-old black kidpreneur named Jaequan Faulkner (pictured). Very recently, Faulkner opened a hot dog stand in front of his family’s home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His business, Faulkner’s Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs started gaining momentum recently. But a racist white neighbor in the area was not going to let the young and upcoming food service mogul earn a few dollars in peace. The irritated and nosey white neighbor wanted to find out if Faulkner had a permit from the city to operate the hot dog stand. City Health Department officials investigated the complaint but instead of shutting Faulkner down, they did a great deed.

The director of the Minneapolis health department reached out to a local nonprofit group called the Northside Economic Opportunity Network. After an executive decision was made, the two sides put up the $87 dollars to get Faulkner a permit and effectively coached him on how to keep his work station clean as he continued to serve the public. In an interview with Minnesota Public Radio, Faulkner talked about his enriching business experience.

“I was actually kinda surprised, cause usually I would have one person at a time help me, but then with so many people coming at once, I’m like, wow, I realized how much people enjoy it,” the fledgling young businessman said. Way to go, Mr. Faulkner. Congratulations on getting an early start honing your skills as a legal hustler. Big ups for not letting dream killers motivated by any kind of hatred rain on your parade!

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