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Here’s Where STEM Investors Can Find The Most Black Science Majors

By Victor Trammell

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Careers in the academic fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are becoming the most viable fields to pursue in a vast number of high-paying industries.

Some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations have a strong demand for STEM workers. In addition to well-paying jobs that are available in the STEM dependent business organizations of the public and private sectors, independent investors are observing STEM trends as well. These deep-pocketed investors are also willing to put their money where their mouths are.

For most business people or organizations, college-aged youths offer the most low-risk/high reward investment  opportunity. They are our society’s future leaders. Any given year, cadres of these rare breeds are obtaining STEM-related graduate degrees at many of the top universities in the United States. However, a certain ethnic group is still far ahead of the pack when it comes to its amount of young science majors being cranked out of U.S. schools.

According to the non-profit CollegeBoard organization, the Asian/Pacific Islander race led all other ethnic groups in the category of college STEM majors at the beginning of the 21st century. Almost 50 percent of all Asian/Pacific Islander students were taking up STEM studies at the university of their choice. In comparison, only 21 percent of all black college students were pursuing STEM degrees on U.S.-based college campuses at that time.

Although more recently, black STEM majors showed signs of academic progress in the predominantly black U.S. city of Flint, Michigan. According to a summer 2018 column published by the Hechinger Report, Flint rose from the figurative ashes of its tragic water crisis by climbing up into the nation’s top 15 list for the highest number of black STEM degree holders and majors in American cities.

Finding the best and brightest black science majors to invest in across the country is not so much about who you know. It is more about where to go. To read the entire top 15 list of cities with the most science majors and STEM degree holders, visit the link to the second research source listed for this article below.

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