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High School Kid Woken With Taser After Sleeping In School

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: CNN News

A high school in a small town in northeast Ohio has made national headlines this week for brandishing its own class of the school-to-prison pipeline.

According to local Wayne County, Ohio-based NBC affiliate KSN News (by way of CNN), Liberty Prep, a community charter school in Smithville, Ohio had a heavy-handed disciplinary incident occur behind its walls last Thursday (August 30). The culprit? Maryssa Boskoski (pictured), Liberty’s school resource officer.

Official media reports state that Boskoski was summoned that day by Jinna Parnell, a teacher who also serves as Liberty’s interim principal. Apparently, Parnell had trouble waking up a sleeping 11th grade boy who experienced problems focusing in the classroom.

However, the educator was taken aback when she saw what Boskoski did to him.

The high-strung, hormone-driven female officer drew her taser gun and pulled the trigger right in front of Parnell and other students who were present during the incident. Though Boskoski’s weapon did not shock the male student, the sound terrified him as he abruptly woke up to crackling volts and students who exclaimed frightened utterances.

“I was a little bit surprised by it. Our interest is in the safety of our students so hearing that go off was a little alarming,” Parnell said, according to CNN.

Boskoski was suspended with pay after the incident. Currently, the local police chief and school district are investigating what happened. However, media outlets have reported that officials are unsure if the school resource officer will return to Liberty Prep now that this has occurred.

A July 2018 incident documented Boskoski’s recklessness with her taser gun as well. In that situation, she forgot to remove the weapon’s cartridge and it ignited, which nearly tasered a fellow officer. Boskoski was ordered to undergo counselling as a result of this incident.

It appears that Liberty Prep is not living up to its name.

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