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9-Year-Old KC Girl Starts ‘Grandma’s Tea,’ Her Very Own Beverage Company

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: KSHB-TV 41 Action News

The biblical story of Samuel and the historic Egyptian legacy of King Tutankhamen showed that children can have the capacity for greatness beyond the imagination and ability of most adults.

King Tutankhamen took the throne and became Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt at nine years of age. Mainstream Bible scholars state that Samuel was established as a prophet of God and started working under the High Priest at the age of 11.

In today’s era of black American history, a young girl has established her own brand of greatness in the business world.

According to KSHB-TV Channel 41, a local NBC-affiliated media outlet based in Kansas City, Missouri, nine-year-old Brayisha Avery (pictured) is getting a head start on building a family empire.

Avery is trailblazing while most children her age are idly engaged in video games or patronizing “kid-friendly” YouTube personalities who push mindless dogma.

The fourth grader is affectionately called “Bray” by her loved ones. She has an affinity for tea and credits her grandmother for introducing and cultivating a high appreciation for the beverage.

“My grandma, she is very nice and she’s good at baking too. We sit there, we talk, we drink it,” Bray told KSHB-TV reporter Lindsay Shively.

Six months ago, Bray started Grandma’s Tea, a family-owned herbal beverage company, which she has high hopes for. Bray’s mother also runs her own business and will be taking the budding business phenom to a Girls Entrepreneur Expo next month, according to KSHB’s Action News.

“If you learn how to be an entrepreneur while you’re young, it won’t be so hard when you’re older,” Bray also said in her KSHB interview. Bray’s mother says the business was started so that her daughter would have money to attend a good college on her own when she gets older. However, Bray’s dreams will not stop there.

“I’m gonna have a ginormous corporate office in Kansas City!” the adorable future business mogul exclaimed in her interview.

Little Miss Bray is exactly right. The sooner in life you get started on your dreams, the better your chances are of living them in the future. The beverage princess also runs her own business website, which you can visit here.

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