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11-Year-Old Flint Activist Honored With Her Own Doll

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Because of Them We Can/Twitter

The environmental tragedy that was discovered in the predominately black city of Flint, Michigan during the year 2014 may have faded from the national headlines. However, the voices of the citizens who endured that municipality’s water crisis were not silenced.

Because of the local government’s shoddy water treatment practices, toxic levels of lead infiltrated the public’s drinking water supply and over 100,000 citizens in the metro area were endangered by the hazardous element. High levels of lead in a local water supply causes all types of deadly ailments, including Legionnaire’s Disease, which killed at least 10 people in Flint in the wake of the city’s water crisis.

A news article published by the New York Times last year reported that  as of June 2017, five government officials in Michigan were indicted for manslaughter due to their gross mishandling of an environmental disaster, which took the lives of Flint residents. Even Michigan’s Department of Health director was criminally charged.

But the fight for Flint’s justice has continued to live on due to the advocacy of a mighty child of God who has been using her 11-year-old voice to make sure that the world never forgets about how her people perished at the hands of heartless bureaucrats who plagued her beloved city.

Mari Copeny (pictured left) has been called ‘Little Miss Flint’ for being a tireless advocate of her community’s people. Many are still are reeling from the effects of the city’s water crisis to this day. However, Copeny, the pint-sized community activist has not allowed the national viewing public to forget a tragic story, which has been overshadowed by America’s social theatrics and political distractions.

“You’re never too young or too small to change the world,” Copeny said in an exclusive media interview. “Never let any adults dull your sparkle. If they don’t want to listen to you at first, keep on talking, they will eventually have to hear you out,” she continued.

Little Miss Flint’s living legacy of humanity has been recognized by an Irish doll manufacturing company called Lottie. To honor the true prodigy, Lottie worked with Copeny to help her develop an adorable little doll made exclusively in her honor.

Pre-order your very own Little Miss Flint doll here

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