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Studies Show Schools Are Struggling to Prepare Kids for Today’s Automation Age

By Victor Trammell

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The mainstream education standards of the U.S. are not set when it comes to teaching children how technology is revolutionizing automation.

In fact, even a majority of the British people fear automation, according to an article published in the official magazine of the United Kingdom’s Institute & Faculty of Actuaries. Nonetheless, the technological advancements occurring as a result of automation are real and progressing rapidly.

The demand for young, bright, and skilled workers in tech is increasing. The downside to this reality is that the public school systems of a few Western nations are generally not gearing their children up for success.

In today’s tech-driven landscape, one  of the most rewarding fields to be in is robotics.

A report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) showed that automation will in fact improve the overall quality of life. This MIT report was published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives and was written by economist David. H. Autor. However, cynics advocating the status quo believe the opposite about automation.

According to, an education think tank, there is one U.S. educator making a difference for underprivileged school children by bridging the gap between them and a decent technical education. Moses Ojeda is the Principal of Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical High School of Queens, New York.

At Thomas A. Edison, students have robotics classes to choose from, as well as other specialized fields in the study of technology. “I don’t want to just teach these kids how to fly the drone; I want to teach them how to build it, the theory behind it,” Mr. Ojeda told the 74 Million.

“Because when Amazon decides to release the drones [to make deliveries], I’ll have a workforce here ready to get those jobs,” he continued.

Thomas A. Edison is a rare U.S-based success story that is few and far between regarding K-12 education and children learning technology. However, well-prepared and educated parents can also effectively teach their children both the fundamentals and intricacies of technology. After all, parents ought to be a child’s primary life instructor.

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