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19-Year-Old is the Youngest Store Owner at Northwoods Mall in SC

By Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Birch & Pen

Earlier this month (November 2018), a black male still in his teens accomplished an entrepreneurial feat, which definitely has proven that youth is not a deterrent to someone striving to accomplish their dreams.

WCSC-TV 5 News, a local CBS-affiliated media outlet based in Charleston, South Carolina recently profiled the inspirational story of Jordan Jackson (pictured), a trailblazing teenpreneur who grew up in the Carolina Lowcountry.

However, as a middle-schooler in Baltimore, Maryland, Jackson developed an affinity for fashion.

After middle school, Jackson’s mother, Keisha Smith, moved herself and her son to the Carolina Lowcountry to be closer to family members. With his mother’s support and unwavering belief in his vision, Jackson just became the youngest shop owner in North Charleston, South Carolina’s Northwoods Mall at just 19-years-old.

In the beginning, Jackson’s dream of being a sleek fashion retailer had a digital-only business model. Using Instagram, the ambitious teen opened up an online clothing store called 21 ACE.

“At first I just posted pictures and used hashtags and I had a pretty big following at the time,” Jackson told WCSC-TV.

The digital marketing activity he utilized on Instagram attracted some notable followers who were popular YouTube stars. Personalities like Kellie Sweet, brandongottfans, and minibarbie 12 from the television show The Rap Game eventually came calling with requests for Jackson to be their personal stylist.

“I would send them products, you were sending products, and then they would put it on and take a picture and then tag my online store and tag me and tag my website, and then it would sell out.” Jackson also said.

The money Jackson made online helped his dream of having a physical bricks and mortar fashion outlet become a reality. And thus, the Birch and Pen Fashion Boutique inside of the Northwoods Mall was born. “The vibe of the store isn’t really about the clothing. It’s more about knowing that it’s possible to follow your dreams,” Jackson added.

Jackson’s phenomenal success story is a testament to what happens when a great parent diligently teaches their child how to create a job for themselves instead of looking for a job at someone else’s company. As the official Birch and Pen business workshop coach, Ms. Smith is definitely leading her child by example.

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