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How To Raise Kids Who Will Shine As Entrepreneurs

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

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One of the biggest priorities we hold dear to at is profiling the inspirational stories of remarkable black children who are already thriving as so-called “kidpreneurs.”

In addition to functioning as a business that provides helpful resources to parents who are serious about homeschooling their children, we also provide researched online reporting about child and family-related issues, as well as current events.

The kidpreneur reports about black children have also garnered visible support from readers on social media.

In all of these stories, the children and adolescents blazing the less traveled trail of entrepreneurship were being raised and guided by loving and supportive parents.

These diligent mothers and fathers preeminently instilled the values of financial freedom and economic responsibility in their children.

Such values are the keys to eradicating socioeconomic dependence, which is critically needed more than ever in black America today.

In 2005, a notable digital media source about business, entertainment, and technology was created called Mashable. This outlet published an informative article authored by Nellie Akalp that offers some valuable advice about how parents fully prepare their children for the real independence that only comes from being an entrepreneur.

Akalp is a small business advocate and an expert on successful entrepreneurship. She is also is the CEO of CorpNet, a company that specializes in consulting entrepreneurs on legally structuring their businesses for professional growth. Akalp is a woman of color and the daughter of parents who immigrated to America from Iran when she was five.

However. more importantly, Akalp is a wife and the mother of four children who is walking the walk when it comes to raising future entrepreneurs of her own. One of Akalp’s golden rules of thumb for training up financially savvy children is probably the most important of all: Start early.

“I believe that dabbling in early ventures will make the next generation more likely to continue that entrepreneurial streak later in life. Whether it’s just a simple lemonade stand or pet sitting business, early businesses can teach kids essential skills like self-reliance, marketing, and communication skills,” Akalp wrote in her op-ed for Mashable.

Training up future entrepreneurs is also achieved more successfully when children are exposed regularly to knowledgeable business people, particularly when those people are members of their family.

“My parents opened a Persian antique store, and later my grandparents owned several restaurants in southern California. Since I grew up helping my grandparents in their restaurants, the spirit of self-help and entrepreneurship were just embedded in me,” Akalp added.

Education is the figurative muscle, which must be exercised before the application and execution process of any acquired skill (including entrepreneurship) begins.

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