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Shuri, Princess of Wakanda Doll is Now Available!

By Tysheena Jackson

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Following the mass success and critical acclaim of Marvel’s Black Panther, last month Disney revealed its very own Shuri figure.

Shuri, who has easily become a household name, is the younger sister of the film’s titular hero, T’Challa, making her Princess of Wakanda. Not only is she the creative mind behind numerous technological advancements in her home country, but the Princess is quite the genius.

According to Shuri’s character profile on the official Marvel website, her talents are unlike any other Marvel character to date.

“Constantly adding to and upgrading the technology that aids her brother on his missions, she develops a new Black Panther suit that can absorb kinetic energy and re-purpose it whenever T’Challa chooses, among many other important pieces of equipment she provides him,” details

With that in mind, Shuri’s brilliance, knack for invention, and approach to modern technology are what make her the tour de force that she is. Fans of the box office hit will find that the Shuri figure bears a striking resemblance to the on-screen character.

Fashioned in battle wear and war paint from the pseudo-African country Wakanda, Disney’s Shuri figure is adorned to perfection with authentic-looking braided hair and the iconic combat gloves from the film. She stands at eleven inches and has bendable joints via her arms and legs.

What makes Disney’s figure stand out from the others is that it is affordable, only $39.95 compared to alternative merchandise, and is made with quality materials to give collectors the ultimate experience.

You can find the Shuri figure on the ShopDisney website and at Disney stores before supplies completely sell out.

Black Panther fans can also look forward to the arrival of their favorites as Disney gears up to produce more figures exclusively as part of their Marvel Special Edition Action Dolls Series.

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