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Black Teenpreneur Signs Big Money Deal With Target Stores, Inc.

By Tysheena Jackson and Victor Trammell

Photo credits: Zandra Beauty

Zandra Cunningham is soon to become one of the leading faces in skincare.

At 18, the young entrepreneur just sealed a prodigious deal with Target, one of the leading department store and retail corporations in the United States.

The retail giant will be selling Zandra’s eco-friendly, plant based Zandra Beauty gift box set in its stores nationwide. The gift box sets will include Cunningham’s absorbing hand and body lotion, exfoliating sugar scrub, and the very popular lip and body balm– all free of harsh chemicals!

The teenager describes her interest for entrepreneurship beginning at the tender age of 9, where she was fueled by her father’s opposition to purchasing her lip balms.

In 2010, she began to sell her own lip balms and whipped shea butters to farmer markets in Buffalo, New York, her hometown. With great success, Zandra developed and then introduced other plant based products to her ever-growing brand.

“I am so excited to offer my unique brand of American made yuck free products in an exclusive gift box designed specifically for Target,” Zandra gushes in an interview.

“This is yet another dream come true for me. I am working hard to pave the way for other indie brands with teen CEO’s. My journey hasn’t been easy but it will forever be worth it,” she continued, according to

“I am on a mission to shatter the status quo, and with partners like Target, I am making that happen,” Cunningham added.

Ms. Cunningham also uses her efforts to encourage, educate, and empower young girls and women through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) industries, hoping to equip them with some of the wisdom she’s gained along the way.

“I believe that young ladies should be confident in their own skin and learn what beauty is from the inside out. My hope is to inspire youth to take action and make things happen for themselves and their communities,” reads a message on Zandra’s official website.

She offers DIY beauty workshops where learners can concoct their own beauty products that benefit their skin with natural resources and mixing supplies readily available for them.

Direct and hands on instruction is promised during the full experience. You can learn more about the inspiring young woman and her award winning skincare line at her website here.

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