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The Grio’s Natasha Alford Explores Black Homeschooling in “Check Please” Web Series

By Victor Trammell

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For the past two decades, parents in the U.S. have been exhibiting a growing trend by opting out of traditional education for their children and taking the duty of academic training into their own hands.

Black American families represent a sizable portion of the growing parental population that is utilizing a home-based alternative when it comes to educating their children.

However, black parents often have completely different rationalizations for taking their children out of the traditional K-12 school setting.

Journalist Natasha S. Alford (pictured) has undertaken an investigation of this matter with a web reporting series produced by The Grio titled Check Please: Why Are More Black Parents Homeschooling? 

Alford’s latest episode of Check Please focuses solely on a select number of cases across the country, which showcase black families sharing the rationale behind opting out of the conventional school setting for educating their children.

“Nathan, my oldest kiddo [at the time was] in the house with us… We wanted to make sure that we were supplementing that public school education because I didn’t feel he was been pushed enough,” said a black mother named Erica A. from Kentucky.

Erica told Alford that her husband is in the military. She also shared details about the learning curve she has experienced being a black homeschooling parent in the U.S.

“As a homeschooling parent, I have learned that that is the biggest mistake that you can make is to look past someone’s blackness because then you lose empathy,” Erica also said.

“You lose the ability to connect with what that child might be experiencing or what they have experienced in the past as far as history goes,” she continued.

Additionally, in this most recent episode of her report, Alford pointed out that the overall number of homeschooling families in the U.S. more than doubled from 1999 to 2016.

You can watch the video of Alford’s full report by visiting the link to the research source given for this article at the bottom of the page.

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