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Rich Kids Are Guaranteed More Success Than Hard Working Kids

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

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A professional research study by a prominent British sociologist at England’s Oxford University revealed that children born preeminently into wealthy families have the best chance at succeeding as adults.

Dr. John H. Goldthorpe is the author of a 2016 study titled
Social Class Mobility in Modern Britain: Changing Structure, Constant Process. Dr. Goldthrope is an emeritus Fellow of Nuffield College at Oxford University.

His work as an esteemed sociologist is centered around issues, which deal with social stratification, upward mobility, and the causation behind societal inequalities. Dr. Goldthorpe has also dedicated himself to exposing the systemic failures of Britain’s public K-12 school system.

VICE Impact’s digital media division published a report about Dr. Goldthorpe and his study. This online news article also featured excerpts of the professional author and researcher’s quotes during his exclusive interview with VICE Media, a Canadian news outlet.

When it came to explaining Britain’s current social stratosphere, Dr. Goldthorpe offered straight to the point candor in his interview.

“Decades of educational policy have completely overlooked that younger generations of men and women now face less favorable mobility prospects than did their parents—or their grandparents despite having earned higher qualifications,” he said.

The same reality rings true in a number of other modern and industrialized Western nations, including the United States. The facts show that it is quite misleading to tell today’s children that the sole recipe ingredients for success are hard work, dedication to academic study, and the right job.

As the quality of generally accessible education has fallen in the Western world, the financial void between poor and rich children has risen. The so-called “wealth gap” applies to children as well, not just adults. However, the fundamental cause of this is rooted in a mentality, not a policy.

Simply put, parents of all races who are wealthy stringently teach their children how to remain that way. On the contrary, parents who are not wealthy are pitching their children a false narrative that has a two-pronged attack.

Firstly, this outdated “go to school/work hard” narrative psychologically waters down the level of poverty their children are being raised in. Two of the biggest inhibitors to succeeding is accepting what is unrealistic and vehemently denying what accurately exists.

Secondly, this failed recipe for success pushes an agenda for succeeding that will keep their children poor into adulthood. In the United States, the deconstruction of the black community began in the 1970s with the elimination of high-paying jobs that did not require an education.

In closing, narrowing the gap between rich children and children that are not rich lies in extinguishing the flames of misinformation. Doctors, attorneys, and engineers are a few of the tiny number of titles, which legitimately require a college degree.

Also, entrepreneurship is something that children should learn at an early age and The Black Home School is a part of a network that shows black parents how to teach it to their sons and daughters.

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