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This Father and Son Duo Started a Black Wealth-Building Firm

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

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In an ideal situation, a father should be a son’s first role model. In any business he envisions, a father’s first founding partner should be his son.

Kevon Chisolm and his son Kamari Chisolm (pictured) are the epitome of such an ideal situation. The elder Mr. Chisolm is an attorney based in Gainesville, Virginia. He and his 11-year-old son Kamari are the founders of Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, LLC.

This business serves primarily as an investment club that caters to black people who are interested in building and sustaining wealth for their families.

Black WallStreeter club members are provided with legitimate financial consulting that gives them the opportunity to pool their monies with other like-minded investors for the purpose of increasing financial gains equally and collectively. This type of monetary activity is desperately needed in black communities nationwide. Mr. Chisolm and his young son Kamari are shining examples of the saying “Knowledge is power.”

“When we created Black WallStreeter Consultation Services, we wanted to address a few main concerns individuals have about their financial wellness. For example, many of our clients are unsure of how to pay for college tuition, save for retirement, buy a new home or start a new business. An investment club is the ultimate opportunity to increase personal financial goals and/or ease financial worries,” Mr. Chisolm said in a press release.

Kamari is getting an early and necessary start on laying the bricks of a legacy foundation. He is very fortunate to be the product of an educated father who is helping himself, his family, and other black individuals create avenues of wealth preservation activity through the use of investment clubs. You can learn more about Kamari’s family business here.

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