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At 8-Years-Old, This Boy Grew His Hair To Donate It For Kids With Cancer

By Victor Trammell and Nomalanga Mhauli-Moses

Photo credits: Twitter

One of the most inspirational and uplifting viral stories to emerge out of the blogosphere in recent history involves a little boy with a big heart.

Thinking Humanity is a website themed exclusively for positive narratives emerging all over the globe that deal with advocacy against injustice, goodwill gestures, acts of humility, and compelling achievements in history by people of all walks of life.

This website publicized the story of Thomas Moore (pictured), a black boy from Maryland, who was eight-years-old around the time he was profiled by Thinking Humanity. Little Mr. Moore claimed to have witnessed his mother watching a video on Facebook about a girl with cancer who lost her hair after undergoing chemotherapy.

After seeing his mother’s video, Moore felt compelled to spring into action for children who have lost their hair after cancer treatment. So he began growing his hair until it grew very long. He then had it cut and donated his large hair bundles so that they could be made into wigs for children who had lost their hair to cancer.

Moore’s aunt Amber Ray praised her nephew on social media for his blessed deed of good faith. “My nephew grew his hair out for two years to donate to kids with cancer,” Ray posted in a message on social media.

Moore’s viral story was shared almost 60,000 times and liked over 110,000 times on social media. His story is a testament of how even little children can give big contributions when it comes to winning the multi-faceted fight against cancer.

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