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“I Just Don’t Like Black Kids”, Says Middle School Principal

Most racists won’t admit they’re racists even when they’re caught in the act. For instance, BreakingBrown published on Thursday the..

Watch: Outraged mother confronts her child’s teacher

We don’t know why this mother is upset, but she seems outraged.  While it is certainly interesting to see this video (below), we..

You won’t believe how the public school system is ruining black boys

Many critics in the US and around the world have expressed concern about the state of black boys in the public school system. Some even say..

Dr Umar Johnson says some shocking things about ADHD medication

Dr Umar Johnson is controversial, but he is also loved.  People listen to him around the world, mainly because he speaks so eloquently..

Teacher fired for calling her students “lazy n*ggas”

By Nigel Boys A fifty-one-year old teacher, who taught math to at-risk students at a school in Jacksonville, Florida, may be getting her..

Chicago school is so horrible that they only offer PE classes online

April V. Taylor According to a recent report by The Huffington Post, the U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into..

FAMU is swearing in the first female president in school history

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU)  has announced that it is soon planning the inauguration of Dr. Elmira Mangum, who..

How to escape education’s death valley

The American educational system has become a complete mess.  Many schools are underfunded and education is not supported the way that it..

“Elementary Genocide”: The film that is taking the black community by storm

by Dr Boyce Watkins Rahiem Shabazz is the first to admit that he’s had some nasty run-ins with the law.  He is also first to line up..

Teacher fired after students find nude selfies on her phone

There are situations that occur in public schools that remind us of how disrespectful some of our students have become.  No one knows this..

Dr Umar Johnson: How to break your kids away from the public school system

Are you sick and tired of the public school system?  Well, join the crowd, because there are millions of other parents out there just like..

Let’s teach young black girls to command RESPECT

There is a great deal of talk about the struggles of young black men.  President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper”..